Technical Information for Little Train Rentals

Discover our fleet of tourist little trains available for rent for a unique and fun experience. With options tailored to groups of different sizes, our tourist little trains offer a comfortable way to explore local tourist sites. Each of our little trains is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience for your passengers. Contact us for more information on technical specifications and our options for renting tourist little trains.

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A Fleet That Adapts to All Your Needs, Everywhere in France

Train Composition

Our SFAPA little trains are the ideal choice for comfortably transporting large numbers of passengers. All our sets consist of one to three wagons with back-to-back benches, providing optimal travel space for your guests. Additionally, all our locomotives have a seat for accompanying personnel. Contact us to learn more about our SFAPA little trains.


SFAPA offers to adapt its service to your needs. In fact, our trains are available in various colors (Plain White, Gold and White, Blue and White, or even Wild West style), and we also offer flexibility on the number of wagons per train (1 to 3 wagon(s)).

Operating Locations

SFAPA offers a wide range of little trains with different powers. Our trains can climb slopes of up to 15%. Note that part of our fleet can be used on dirt roads or snowy roads. We have diesel, petrol, and electric vehicles.


Our little trains are transported on our trucks. We try to optimize transportation between each service. For services close to our workshops, we opt for a transport method called 'by road' without a truck. Furthermore, we limit empty returns to reduce our carbon footprint.

Assistance in Your Procedures, Passenger Safety, and Environmental Respect

Administrative Procedures

During your reservation, we will ask you to kindly inform us if the route is on public property. Our equipment is subject to municipal, prefectural, and other authorizations depending on the department. Administrative fees will be charged for authorization requests. The administrative process takes 2 months.


Since 1981, SFAPA has been offering a reliable and secure passenger transport service provided by professionals. Our experienced drivers hold a D license (Public Transport) valid for at least 3 years, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for your guests.


Our little trains are inspected annually by APAVE, and each repair is carried out for durability in our workshops. Finally, our trains are equipped with mandatory devices for slow-moving vehicles and alarm buttons in each wagon.


Our little trains are tuned in our workshops to achieve fine and precise settings, thus limiting our CO2 emissions. Our drivers are trained in eco-driving, and our transports are optimized to reduce the carbon impact of each of our services. Our vehicles can circulate in Low Emission Zones (ZFE). Some of our sets comply with the latest pollution standards, and for older sets, we are currently testing biofuel (Oléo 100 made from 100% French rapeseed).

Customizable Trains for All Your Events

Weather Protection

Our tourist little trains are equipped with tarps and windows for the winter season or in case of rain. When making your reservation, don't forget to order these various options (free service).

Rescue Trains

Thanks to our fleet of 16 little trains, we have the capacity to reserve so-called 'rescue' sets. In case of a breakdown that immobilizes the little train, we offer you a second train to continue your service. (free service).

Sound System

Our little trains are equipped with internal and external sound systems. The embedded technologies are diverse: a microphone, a USB port, an SD card slot, a CD player, and in some cases, the locomotive is equipped with a car radio (FM, LW bands, etc.).

Advertising & Signage

Our 16 tourist little trains are equipped with the same models of advertising panels: 18 side panels, 1 rear panel on the last wagon, and 4 panels on the roofs of the wagons and the locomotive. When making your reservation, don't forget to order these options (free service).

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