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Welcome to SFAPA, your expert in tourist train rental throughout France since 1981. With our fleet of 16 trains, the largest in France, we can meet all your event needs. We offer solutions for individuals and professionals, whether it's renting a small train for a wedding, setting up shuttles for major exhibitions and meetings, or renting advertising spaces to enhance your brand image. We take pride in providing superior quality mobility and communication solutions for your guests and visitors. Contact us now to learn more about our offers.

Our team of experienced professionals is at your disposal to provide a free personalized quote according to your needs. Whether for a sightseeing tour, a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, we have the solution for you. So, hesitate no more and contact us now to get your free quote for tourist train rental. We will be happy to help you organize your next sightseeing tour or event throughout France.

Tourist Circuits

Discover historical heritage like never before with our small train tourist circuits. The small trains then become a must-visit tourist attraction.


Rent a fleet of sleek and coordinated shuttles at major exhibitions, including the Aerospace and Defense Exhibition and the Armament Exhibition.

Entertainment / Weddings

Organize a unique wedding with a rental small train for entertainment! Add a touch of originality to your special day by offering a fun and comfortable mode of transportation for your guests.

Open House Days

Are you organizing an open house day at your factory or company? Setting up a shuttle service with tourist trains simplifies your organization.


Take advantage of a unique opportunity to promote your business with our tourist train. With thousands of passengers each year, our train is an effective way to reach your target audience.

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15 trade shows per year

For 42 years

16 little trains

60 passengers per train

Our Fleet of Small Trains


Discover our fleet of 16 gasoline, diesel, or electric locomotives of your choice. With the ability to climb slopes up to 15%, our locomotives are ideal for rugged terrains. Choose the locomotive that best suits your needs and enjoy a smooth and comfortable small train travel experience.


With our fleet of small trains, the largest in France, we are ready to intervene in case of a breakdown. We can provide you with a backup train so that you can continue your small train performance without interruption. Contact us to learn more about our breakdown assistance services.


Offer your passengers a comfortable travel experience with our sets of wagons matching our locomotives. Available from 1 wagon to 3 wagons, our sets can be configured with tarps or glass for optimal weather protection. Contact us to create the perfect set for your small train.

Transport of Small Trains

Our small trains are transported on our trucks throughout France. We strive to optimize transportation between each service. For services close to our workshops, we opt for 'road' transportation without a truck. Additionally, we minimize empty returns to reduce our carbon footprint.


Small trains available in 4 distinct colors - Explore our range of small trains available in 4 elegant colors: blue and white, white and gold, red and green, white. Each color offers a unique ambiance for your small train travel experience.


Provide your passengers with a comfortable travel experience with our small train wagons equipped with stroller doors and advertising panels. With high-quality internal and external sound systems, you can be sure that every journey will be enjoyable and memorable. Contact us to learn more about options to equip your small trains.

Wheelchair Accessible Wagons

We understand the importance of providing safe and comfortable transportation solutions for all passengers, including those with specific mobility needs. Our fleet of small trains is equipped with spacious and comfortable seats to accommodate wheelchair passengers, as well as access ramps for easy boarding and disembarking. Our drivers are trained to provide courteous and attentive assistance throughout the journey.

CSR Approach

Our vehicles are capable of circulating in Low Emission Zones (ZFE), and some of our sets meet the latest pollution standards. For older sets, we are currently testing biofuel (Oleo 100 based on 100% French rapeseed oil). We have also implemented effective fleet management practices to minimize our environmental impact, such as regular maintenance of our equipment to ensure optimal performance.

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